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From individual and relationship therapies to our mindfulness group programmes, you can be assured of a high level of expertise from our Psychologists; caring for your emotional health and wellbeing.

A unique approach treating Mind and Body.

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We are the first UK psychology service to integrate the mindful approach across all of our services. We deliver evidence-based time sensitive psychological therapies and wellbeing programmes for men, women, young people, groups and businesses. Our approach is the first of its kind, set in our holistic centre with bespoke consulting, group and meditation spaces with our own garden, which is perfectly set for our city retreats. From your initial consultation with one of our specialist psychologists you will leave the practice with a sense of being understood and a clear therapeutic plan.

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So what is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness trains the mind. It gives insight into your emotions and helps you gain clarity to make wise life choices. The benefits include improved cognitive control, self-awareness and emotional self-regulation, thereby creating a positive impact on your life.

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Mindfulness Wellbeing  Courses

Our mindfulness courses are also specifically targeted to promote psychological wellbeing and stronger connected fulfilling relationships a world that you thrive in .. 

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Individual therapy: Changing your life for the better

We put you at the centre of the service offering bespoke evidence based therapy to meet your needs. Our aim is to refine and support you in developing new cognitive and relational strategies. Delivering sustainable change, a life that you flourish in.

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Relationships counselling

Our relationship psychologists offer a safe and supportive space where the couple can start to explore where the relationship is stuck and how external stresses are contributing to unhealthy ways of relating and the painful feelings that arise within and between each other. Supporting the couple in positive relationship change.

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