Meet Dr Amanda Kinsella

Dr Kinsella is a consultant psychologist with extensive experience both within the NHS and Private Sector. She is a Psychotherapist, Workshop Leader and Mindfulness Trainer and to date has delivered over 200 mindfulness courses. She has also trained NHS clinicians and other psychotherapists in the mindful approach.

Dr Amanda Kinsella DPsych, MSc, Bsc (Hons) is a registered HCPC practitioner psychologist (PYL29565) and chartered member of the British Psychological Society (158342). She is a Consultant Psychologist, workshop leader and mindfulness trainer with a wealth of experience within the NHS, Private and Business sectors.

Within her clinical experience she developed the first UK clinical research adaptation of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for the regulation of negative affect for alcohol dependency. Amanda is a skilled practitioner and the first UK psychologist trained in Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP). She has also held various positions as a trainer, supervisor and university lecturer. She holds certificates in the mindful approach and has been trained by authors: Professor Zindel Segal and Professor Alan Marlatt.

Amanda has a specialist interest in men’s mental health. She has developed a men’s action recovery service: MARS, with support from Dr Alastair Pipkin. This pioneering pilot champions men’s mental health and supports men with engagement and access to psychological therapies within secondary complex care. Dr Kinsella’s work was acknowledged within the North West Boroughs Health Care NHS Foundation Trust Star Awards, where she reached the finals of innovation star of the year. It was during this time that a special collegiate bond developed between Dr Kinsella and Dr Pipkin around the shared values of promoting access to evidence-based psychological care for all. This has resulted in Dr Pipkin joining the team as Clinical and Operational Director, where they are excited to offer a range of Continued Professional Development workshops for professionals and bespoke retreats for local individuals.

Dr Kinsella is passionate about mental wellness and preventative mental health, which reflects in the ethos for Mindful Psychology. She is an expert in the mindful approach and the benefits for all across psychological, relational and physical wellbeing. Her vision was to create a holistic centre and she is very proud to have succeeded in creating an inviting, inclusive and progressive space, completed with a unique city garden retreat space, which complements the meditative spaces and bespoke consulting rooms. She is well respected for her warm and empathic style. She approaches her work scientifically and has the ability to put complex psychological models across in accessible language both in her workshops conferences and media appearances. She is also an experienced supervisor and welcomes enquiries from her peers.

Her company provides the public and access to one-to-one and group psychological support from expert psychologists with decades of experience within the NHS and private sectors. The successful Mindful in Action wellbeing programmes are unique to her company and are the first in the area to combat stress, and foster resilience and emotional health. Creating and supporting participants to get the very best from their lives.

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