We have worked with a great many people over the years, and here are just a few of them:

… you can’t underestimate the power that it gives you as a person, to assess yourself and assess all the things around you. It just puts you in a much more even position…

Individual Therapy Client

The meditation that I was given and the support through all the online resources has been incredible.

Individual Therapy Client

Amanda was amazing. The help and support she’s given to me has just been incredible.

Individual Therapy Client

Amanda is like a fairy godmother! Mindful Psychology gave me a better sense of self-worth.

Individual Therapy Client

Other companies in the mainstream using mindfulness include Apple, AstraZeneca, Comcast, Deutsche Bank, Google, Heinz, Hughes, McKinsey, Nortel Networks, Proctor & Gamble, Raytheon, Texas Instruments, Unilever, and Yahoo. They cannot all be wrong, surely?

Wall Street Journal

Used mindfulness to gain insight into the workings of my mind and how I can spiral into stress. Enjoyed the science behind the course and the delivery was excellent. Will be using the company again.

Managing Director

Opened my eyes to the huge potential in me, rather than letting the worries about the future and the past distract me. With mindfulness I’m more in tune with my life and since practicing I’m more motivated creative and my communication skills are sharper, I’m not so quick to close dialogue down.

Recruitment Consultant

Amazing experience not at all what I expected very practical skills conflict resolution really resonated with me very effective at work and in my home life.

Office Manager

A space to be, to feel free. That is what mindfulness has given me. Great facilitator... Thank you Amanda for your love, kindness and generosity.

MBCT course delegate

Inspirational and life changing. Helped me get unstuck and access much needed change.

City Analysts

Amanda has an engaging and warm style. She has a vast knowledge and is willing to go that little bit extra. The course was professional and appropriate in length and research content was practical and highly transferable for both my professional and home life.

General Practitioner

A valuable experience, I did not know what I would get of this course, but I never expected so much. Now to put into practice.

Clinical Psychologist

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