Relationships Counselling: 4 part assessment

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We believe that a couple’s relationship is based on their two personalities and the dynamic that happens between the two personalities coming together. In therapy the psychologist will explore your individual backgrounds and early life experiences and how this has shaped your ways of communicating and relating. The psychologist will offer insight support and offer guidance in breaking unhelpful cycles of relating.

Key areas

  • Looking at your individual values and goals for a loving relationship.
  • How to communicate feelings more effectively.
  • Looking at defences/behaviours in the relationship and how these impact the relationship.
  • How to create change based on both your relationship goals.
  • Practicing different communication skills in the session.
  • Interventions to achieve relationship satisfaction.
  • Increasing skills in managing  conflicts /sameness and differences within the relationship   
  • Assigning tasks between the sessions to help you achieve change

What’s involved in the assessment?

4 Sessions:

  • 1 x 75 minute initial joint session
  • 2 x individual 50 minute session 1 for each partner
  • 1 x 75 minute joint session to establish your individual and joint relationship treatment goals

Throughout the assessment time the psychologist will be formulating a treatment plan, considering both individual needs and how best to achieve the relationship changes that you both seek. In some cases couples may decide that the assessment period had given enough clarify to put their relationship back on track. For others the sense of more work and attention is needed within the relationship. At this point all parties will agree the goals for treatment, number of sessions and the interventions best suited for relationship satisfaction. 

Cancellation Policy: Please be advised that cancellations made with less than 48 hours’ notice will result in you being billed 100% cancellation fee (exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the consulting psychologist).