MIAP in the Workplace

After the success of our MIAP courses we have developed this approach to meet the needs of the business community. Our MIAP Workers Programme helps your business to be more productive, creative and a happier place to be. We recognise that there will always be stresses but we work to improve individual and cultural mind-sets. Creating healthy working environments by bringing the science and psychological expertise to you.

To build success, businesses need to develop staff that are resilient to stress. Our unique MIAP for Business programmes are delivered by our resident psychologist’s, experts in delivering mindfulness stress resilience programmes. Helping your business to achieve success by creating happier working environments.

Interesting facts: How does stress affect your business?

  • On average 7 sickness days are taken per employee each year
  • 40% of absenteeism are related to individual mental health challenges
  • Present but non - present. Employee’s presenteeism correlates with underperformance by an average of 10 days per year

We develop staff in four key areas

  1. Developing effective stress resilience skills
  2. Creating more confident and happier employees
  3. Increasing cognitive awareness for creative solutions
  4. Opening up effective dialogue and improving conflict resolution

Why choose our services for your business?

Delivered by highly skilled scientific practitioners, we provide:

  • Bespoke courses, seminars and workshops
  • Individual psychological coaching for stress management
  • Experts in SKYPE delivery
  • Psychological staff profiling
  • Solution focused and forward thinking
  • Build strategies and improve productivity
  • Reduce staff sickness and burnout
  • Improve employee retention
  • Build a happier workforce

SKYPE for Business

We are the first to offer MIAP individual and group SKYPE programmes .This programme is very popular with our overseas and busy executive clients. Please contact us for more information.

Please get in touch to discuss your individual business needs: business@mindfulpsychology.co.uk

… you can’t underestimate the power that it gives you as a person, to assess yourself and assess all the things around you. It just puts you in a much more even position…

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